Penetang (Georgian Bay Minor Hockey League)

  • Players and team bench staff can enter the arena 30 minutes prior to start of game.
  • Spectators can enter the arena 15 minutes prior to start of game.
  • COVID screening and vaccination checking will occur at the gate in the entry area to the arena.
    • Be sure to have vaccination receipt & ID ready.
    • Please let any late arriving players, bench staff, or officials skip the line.
  • To speed the check-in process, managers are asked to email their team list with names and contact information (including parents/spectators if possible) to [email protected] two days in advance of the game.
Dressing Rooms
  • Teams are expected to arrive fully dressed if possible.
  • The visiting team will be assigned two adjoining dressing rooms – either 1 & 3 or 2 & 4.
    • There is a maximum of 7 participants allowed in each dressing room.  Please enforce this capacity limit with your team.
    • If you have more than 14 participants, then you can rotate players in and out of the room to get dressed and use the bench outside the ref room for tying skates/final prep.
  • No parents are allowed in the dressing room or in the surrounding area.
    • If younger players need help with skate tying, bench staff can assist them or players should wear skate guards.
  • No active warm-up is allowed inside the rink.
  • No pre-game or post-game coaching discussions are allowed.
  • Dressing rooms need to be vacated within 15 minutes of the completion of the game.
  • For younger age groups, please leave together as a group as parents will not be allowed to wait in the lobby.
  • A limit of 2 spectators per player is allowed.
  • Spectators may watch the game from the metal stands or various standing areas around the rink.
    • The section in the lobby behind the Home team net is off-limits.
    • The section outside the ref room by the dressing rooms is also off-limits.
  • Spectators may use the metal stands on either side of the arena.  However, you must enter the arena through the double doors next to the concession stand off the lobby.
    • Do NOT use the doors by the dressing rooms.  These are for players and team officials only.
  • Spectators are required to exit the arena immediately following the completion of the game.
  • The lobby is off-limits except to stand in-line at the concession stand or to access the washrooms.
  • Please wait for players outside or in your car.